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Regenerative Hotline

Independent farming advice.
Anytime. Anywhere. 
Farmer typing on a phone with a tractor in the background

How it works

Phone with speech bubbles around it

1. Connect with us

Connect with us on WhatsApp. Click on the button below and follow the instructions.

Farmer checking the soil.

2. Make a request

Ask any farming related question. Provide the necessary context to assess your challenge properly.  

Two farming experts talking to each other with a phone in the background

3. Expert Allocation

Based on request and context we connect you with the best matching expert.

Propserous farm after having received farming advice

4. Receive Advice

Receive a response within 24 hours.

Person in front of a phone paying for farming advice

5. Pay as you want*

Pay what you think the advice is worth. Provide feedback if you cannot afford to pay.

*Please note that we are still gathering feedback on the service and that it may not be fully perfect yet. So please bare with us.


Our team brings a wealth of expertise in various aspects of regenerative agriculture, tailored to meet the unique needs of different regions and ecosystems.

Our experts

Our team of experts is growing. Every week we are collaborating with more experts and practitioners from different locations and backgrounds.

Ask us operational questions about regenerative agriculture!

Farmers say

“FarmOn helped me determine what cover crop made sense in my crop rotation on a regenerative trial.

This was a pivotal decision for our implementation to move forward.”

Toon, bean and wheat farmer in Gelderland, NL

Profile picture of a farmer

Business models

 Two business models make our service work

Everyone needs independent advice.

But independent advice is not for free.


A model based on solidarity.

Paying makes independent advice affordable for everyone.

If you cannot pay anything we are still interested in your feedback.

Your Organization Pays

Get access to independent farming advice through your farming organization. 

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