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Expert regenerative guidance.

Expert regenerative advice for farmers

Give your farmers ongoing chat support from an expert today! 💬

Access to independent, experts and agronomists with specialised knowledge in regenerative agriculture

🌱 Expert-on-demand: lower costs than a full-time agronomist
🌱  Right expert allocation based on topic

🌱  Quick responses
🌱  Multilingual experts & tran

🌱  Multi-regional expertise

For cooperatives

Is your organization on board with regenerative agriculture? Don't let a lack of know-how hold you back!


Empower your farmers to lead the way in regenerative agriculture.


Our expert agronomists are here to help guide your farmers through every step of the transition, answering farmer questions, solving farmer conundrums and providing practical advice that can help de-risk the transition to a more future-proof way of farming!


Why FarmOn?

Mission first: Accelerating the transition to regenerative agriculture

Our mission is to democratise access to knowledge of regenAg


and empower farmers to succeed in an ever-changing climate.

For farming organizations

Are you a farming organisation committed to regenerative agriculture?

No need for costly, full-time hires - our chat-based platform is available anytime, anywhere.

Complement your expertise with our in-depth specialised experts.

Provide on-hand support for any questions farmers have.

Try out our open demo! 👩🏽‍🚀 Open Fields

We have released our first open beta prototype: Open Fields!

Agronomists need a lot of on-farm context when answering farmer queries. This is why use geospatial data to help them build a full picture of a farm.


Open Fields gives you a sneak peek into environmental practices and their on-farm outcomes in the Netherlands.

Click on the below link to have a try out.

Partners & Network


We are a steward-owned company which allows us to harness the powers of entrepreneurial for-profit enterprise while staying mission aligned.


These are our partners accompanying us along the journey:

Our Team


Thimm (CTO)

  • Thimm LinkedIn

Natural language processing | Software engineering | Machine learning


Alice (CEO)

  • Alice LinkedIn

Commercial | AI | Finance


Karim (CPO)

  • Karim LinkedIn

Farming | Supply chain data | Scaling software businesses

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