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Growing a sustainable future, one crop at a time

We provide real-time, accurate, reliable, and verifiable data on regenerative practices

Try out our open demo! 👩🏽‍🚀 Open Fields

We have released our first open beta prototype: Open Fields!


Open Fields gives you a sneak peek into environmental practices and their on-farm outcomes in the Netherlands.

Click on the below link to have a try out.

Introducing our cutting-edge  detection technology

Our algorithm uses advanced image processing and machine learning techniques to accurately detect and identify different crops in a field, historical crop rotations, the presence of cover crops, or tillage activities.

Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 15.04_edited.jpg

For Financiers

Investing into regenerative agriculture projects requires a good understanding of the current state and how your portfolio could look like in the future.


Easily track low-emission farming practices

Accurately report to your investors your environmental impact


Humanity and ecosystems in a regenerative relationship


For Farmers

Show your hard work and your low-emission best practices to financiers.

Qualify for eco-friendly certifications.

Image by Vladimir Kudinov

Why FarmOn?

Mission first: Accelerating the transition to regenerative agriculture

We envision a world where financing for regenerative agriculture is abundant.

Regenerative farms have a solid business case and can easily attract the funding that they need.

Farmers have a clear path to profitability whilst regenerating their land and soil.

For Project Developers

Show your work and impact across you project portfolio.

Baseline new projects

Attract financing for your projects

Partners & Network


We are a steward-owned company which allows us to harness the powers of entrepreneurial for-profit enterprise while staying mission aligned.


These are our partners accompanying us along the journey:

Our Team


Thimm (CTO)

  • Thimm LinkedIn

Remote Sensing | Geospatial Analyst | Machine Learning


Alice (CEO)

  • Alice LinkedIn

Sales | Partnerships | Finances


Karim (CPO)

  • Karim LinkedIn

Product Management | Supply Chains | Scaling software businesses

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