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🌾 Welcome to Open Fields!

The beta version of our open prototype

What is Open Fields?


Open Fields is a tool to analyse on-farm regenerative practices & outcomes.

It sets the ground-work for a comprehensive on-farm environmental assessment. It enables to assess both baseline and progress on sustainability on-farm and also exposure to climate risks.

Open Fields is a prototype, and we are looking to add more and more indicators with time and are firm believers in complementing satellite data with data on the ground.


Know or have a good dataset we should add? 









How is it useful?

You are:

...a financier of regenerative agriculture.

...purchasing regenerative products in your supply chain.

...insuring farms.

You need to know what environmental state the farm is in. By answering questions such as:

Is the farmer following practices in line with regeneration in order to tackle climate and environmental risks?

Has the needle been moving on outcomes such as soil health, nitrogen or biodiversity in and around the farm?

You also need to:

...ensure certain metrics improve over time.

...monitor a farm roadmap is indeed being implemented.




Why open data?

Our mission at FarmOn is to accelerate regeneration. Specifically in and around farms. We believe a key ingredient for this to happen is for environmental impact to be baselined and monitored in a way that is open, dynamic, and accurate.

We believe it should be easy for people to check environmental claims and the data should be verifiable. 


Regenerative agriculture cannot be rewarded or financed unless it is easily proven and monitored by involved stakeholders.

Our Clients Say

"Thanks to Open Fields, we learned a lot about sorghum, and how it is currently grown in The Netherlands. Together with our stakeholders we can set ambitious goals and keep track of them."

Annigje Jacobs - Founder, Springtail

Interested in knowing more?

📧 Get in touch to explore how Open Fields and other data solutions might work for you.

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