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Provide farmers with
ongoing support

Ensure the success of transitioning projects. Provide farmers with support when they need it. 

Ensure a successful transition

Lowering costs

Lower costs

FarmOn is up to 5 times cheaper than conventional agronomist services. 

The globe

Any region

FarmOn experts have work experience in many regions across the world. We on-board experts from any region necessary.

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Implementation success

Ongoing support is key for the successful implementation of sustainable farming practices.

Desert farmland during a drought

Help when needed

FarmOn supports farmers in the moments when they need it most.

Farmers can access our service anytime.

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We provide our service in the farmer's language of choice.

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Efficient use of experts' time enables FarmOn to service many farmers simultaneously.

Does your organization need FarmOn?

Answered any of the questions with yes?

Female farmer with cows and a tractor in the background

Are you working together with farmers transitioning their farm?

Transitioning towards regenerative agriculture needs expertise. FarmOn provides complementary expertise to boots-on-the-ground services.

Are you operating in multiple countries?

Providing adequate technical support across countries is challenging. FarmOn provides a high quality service beyond borders by working together with experts from many regions.

Do you invest in your own supply chain?

Transitioning many farmers at once across the world and in remote regions comes with challenges. FarmOn's service can support farmers in regions with limited access to farming expertise. 

Do you sell carbon credits?

Carbon credits depend on the successful implementation of sustainable farming practices. FarmOn supports farmers throughout the entire season, ensuring the successful implementation of carbon capturing techniques.

Do you need a knowledge management system?

Knowing what works is essential. FarmOn is creating an intelligent system that does not only capture knowledge but makes it applicable.   

"As our farmers are moving towards regenerative agriculture, FarmOn's service is key to overcoming operational challenges."
Brad Vanstone Willicroft CEO

Brad Vanstone, CEO Willicroft

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